Solitude is that mysterious experience which only makes you beautify your own world if employed optimistically and which also pushes you to the deepest traps of melancholies if it is wasted in pessimism.


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brain truely is the vessel of all the beautiful colours that flow within us and inspire us with innovation and intelligence.

The Undaunted Blue Madness Of My Life

alas! the golden key i  got

which ive been searching from since i was born

finally, i can open that container

which has baffled me all my life

baffled me with the strange things it boasts to contain

things which have in its capacity to turn my world upside down

now that ive opened it at long last

folks must be dying to know what that container contains

it contains my thoughts

and the container is called my brain!

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Is Literature Disappearing Up It’s Own A-Hole?

Where the idea of “‘ arts for arts ‘ sake” is vanishing away ?

The Misfortune Of Knowing

Horace Engdahl seems to think so.

In comments to Le Croix, Horace Engdahl (of the Swedish Academy responsible for the Nobel Prize) criticized the “professionalization” of writing through financial support from foundations and educational institutions that allow writers to leave their “day jobs” to devote more time to writing. Noting that it’s particularly a problem for the “western side” of the world, he said:

Even though I understand the temptation, I think it cuts writers off from society, and creates an unhealthy link with institutions… Previously, writers would work as taxi drivers, clerks, secretaries and waiters to make a living. Samuel Beckett and many others lived like this. It was hard – but they fed themselves, from a literary perspective.

If we set aside Engdahl’s hypocrisy — he’s a literary academic linked with an institution — there’s a kernel of truth in his words: experience matters. Real-life experiences inform…

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The first day , the first lesson learned in school as a teacher :)

On the very first day of my school experience programme , I was very excited and conscious at the same time as to what will happen , which class will I be given to teach etc . Finding the school well-equipped with myriad infrastructural facilities , I could envisage that the students would be developing and coping up well , with the school aiding them in every possible way.

I and my fellow trainees were not given the time-table on the first day but were assigned duties to invigilate the examinations going on . The class I got had students of class 8th and 9th . While invigilating , I faced certain situations not faced by me till this day. More than half of the class were offering helping hands to their friends in cheating . I could actually observe a kind of unity amongst the students to ‘ give and take ‘ help from each other, while keeping me busy in clarification of some or the other doubts they had in question paper.

However, I somehow contrived to be alert and do multi-tasks simultaneously . I can just say that a teacher has to be an all-rounder , quick and smart enough in all aspects . The very first day made me realise why C.I.E engages  us in myriad activities, all in a jam -packed schedule – to make us active and smart enough to develope a kind of spontaneity , alertness and intelligence when it comes to handling varied situations or activities.  I am quite sure that the experience in C.I.E  will make me shine as a teacher efficient and smart enough to understand varieties of both situations as well as the students .

cie b.ed